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Metal machining with Hamofa Metal Machining a rock-solid idea. Hamofa Metal Machining is ready to fulfil your metal machining project with quality.
Our experienced and enthusiastic staff will be happy to help you.

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Raf Boonen

General manager

+32 11 92 29 43 NL-FR-EN-DU
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Frank Belien

Workshop manager

+32 11 92 29 44 NL-EN-DU
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Marnix Bruno

Sales manager

+32 11 92 29 45 NL-FR-EN-DU
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Marleen Pietjouw-Kennis


+32 11 92 29 49 NL-FR-EN-DU
Aris Sakellaridis - Hamofa

Aris Sakellaridis

Technical Engineer

+32 11 92 29 19

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+32 11 92 29 40
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