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The Hamofa group, a realfamily endeavour.

The Hamofa groupsame high quality across the board.

Hamofa Metal Machining is part of the Hamofa Group, which comprises a number of companies operating internationally in diverse but somewhat related markets. In addition to metal machining, its activities also include industrial engines, vehicle tuning, injection moulding of plastic parts and mould making, as well as logistics and transport.
Hamofa is also a close-knit true family business – headed up by the Verhoeven family – that always strives for truly sustainable partnerships. Another plus point for a larger group like Hamofa is that each company can draw on a store of knowledge across a wide range of industrial sectors. And that, in turn, is where our customers reap the benefits.

Companies in theHamofa group.

metal machining operator
metal machining
CNC milling

MeetHamofa Metal Machining.

A metal machining specialist, Hamofa Metal Machining offers a wide and high-quality range of services. It manufactures precision-engineered tooling, prototypes, machine parts and machinery. To do so, it has a very extensive and advanced range of machinery and highly qualified and experienced employees.
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MeetHamofa Industrial Engines.

Hamofa Industrial Engines started in Belgium in the eighties and today is the pre-eminent specialist in maintenance, overhaul and sales of small and large industrial (diesel) engines. With over 40 years’ experience, it has an extensive network of warehouses and a supply of over 1,200 engines in stock. This will enable it to serve all customers better and faster.
Delivering top quality is therefore a priority. To ensure this, it has been ISO-certified for many years and has the most advanced tooling and equipment.
Since 2012, Hamofa Industrial Engines has also been operating internationally with a 3,000 m² facility in Sebring, Florida (USA). From there, we serve customers in the Americas entirely in line with the group’s high European quality and service standards.
Besides engines, Hamofa Industrial Engines today also provides all kinds of services in terms of generators, pumps and compressors of various brands. A massive expansion of its stock enabled it to grow into a major player in the trading market.
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MeetHamofa Logistics Solutions.

Hamofa Logistics Solutions provides all kinds of international transport and logistics services. With some 25 trucks, 50 articulated trailers and over 20,000 m² of logistics storage, it aims to enable its customers to offload their logistics operations as far as possible. The Hamofa Group's multinational transport network is an attractive additional asset.
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MeetHamofa Performance.

Hamofa Performance specialises in chip-tuning car and motor home engines. A unique aspect of their approach is that each vehicle is tested and read out separately, enabling a customised solution to be provided. A special aspect is the combination of years of experience in chip-tuning in the Verhoeven family and the very rich expertise from the Hamofa Group.
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MeetHamofa Injection Moulding.

Hamofa Injection Moulding specialises in injection moulding products in various materials. The company offers various quality services in injection moulding, blast cleaning, metallising, powder coating and surface and metal treatment, with an extensive and up-to-date range of machinery. With over 25 years of experience in efficient and precise product treatment, it is the ideal partner for all types of injection moulding projects and the guarantee of a high-quality and aesthetic finish.
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