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Metalworking forevery sector

Operating globallyin various sectors.

Hamofa Metal Machining has been a veritable metal machining specialist for over 30 years. Our expertise covers various disciplines involving high-quality metal machining and are thus a strong, experienced and reliable partner for customers in various sectors.
Our innovative vision, first-rate service and extensive technical know-how mean that our services are at home in highly diverse markets and disciplines.


Hamofa Metal Machining manufactures specific parts for the automotive sector. We mainly develop prototype parts and tools for this sector, which can then be utilised at a later stage in the production process. These custom-made parts meet the highest technical specifications and strictest quality requirements perfectly.
Ferrous and non-ferrous materials

Food sector

The food industry has long had a fitting and reliable partner in Hamofa Metal Machining. Thanks to our extensive expertise, we also manufacture high-quality precision-engineered metal parts suitable for food production. We are able to machine various types of material to the most stringent customer specifications.
Cylindrical grinding

Machinery manufacture

Although Hamofa Metal Machining is the perfect match for custom-made machine parts, machine building is also in experienced hands with us. We make machines that enable our customers to work faster, better and more efficiently. An acute problem? We will help you going forward with spare parts to resolve it rapidly; designing, manufacturing and installing solutions fully tailored to your needs. In addition, our engineering team can help support and optimise your production processes in a targeted manner.
Turning and milling combination

Energy sector

Companies in the non-renewable and renewable energy sectors – such as biogas and wind power generators – are working in an increasingly innovative way, often seeking sophisticated solutions, prototypes and specific, precision-made parts. Reverse engineering allows us to contribute to product optimisation among other things.
Cylindrical grinding from centre

Offshore and petrochemicals

Hamofa Metal Machining is an important partner for offshore and petrochemical companies. Our machinery and products meet the extreme quality requirements in these sectors. The high level of precision and expertise with which we machine different types of materials enables us to deliver the most complex prototypes and parts.
metal tooling

Motor sport

Motor sport is very familiar territory for Hamofa Metal Machining. We have developed various parts and prototypes for this purpose over the years; these have found their way to many international racing circuits. Because of the safety standards laid down and the extreme conditions, the level of accuracy and reliability of each end product is very high.
machine parts


Defence machinery and vehicles are required to withstand extreme temperatures and differing dust and weather conditions. Maintenance and optimisation of the existing equipment play a crucial role. Hamofa Metal Machining holds a NACE number and is an accredited partner enabling it to supply Defence with appropriate systems.

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