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Prototyping A Hamofa Metal Machining prototype helps answer any questions.


welded fabrications
New tooling, parts or machinery? Leave nothing to chance! Testing will be needed following the engineering and development stage.
Does the product work faultlessly? What areas are open to improvement? A Hamofa Metal Machining prototype helps answer any questions.

The benefits of a prototype

A prototype is the first unit of a new product. It enables us to test factors including the operation, strength, appearance and composition of the various components.
We analyse strengths and weaknesses and evaluate the design jointly with the customer. All this data provides us with a perfect understanding of performance, enabling us to develop the product further.

Infrastructure, knowledge and materials

We have many years of prototyping expertise for various sectors. Furthermore, we have all the necessary infrastructure and knowledge to actually develop an idea into a high-quality prototype.
This will be preferably in the same material as the final product enabling optimal testing to be carried out. At Hamofa Metal Machining, we are able to select the most suitable metal from various options each time.

Optimal Guidance

Hamofa Metal Machining offers tailor-made technical support from the very start of your project. We have all the necessary facilities in house to develop, engineer, prototype, test and produce your product.
We guide you through giving concrete form to your idea, design, choice of the right type of material and making the prototype, and advise you on the rest of the production process. Everything is geared towards optimum operation and the customer’s production.
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