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Reverse engineering Producing a new item that is completely identical to the original.

Reverse engineering

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Reverse engineering
Are you reproducing a particular part without drawings? With Hamofa Metal Machining that will be in good hands too. Using Reverse Engineering, we will produce a new item that is completely identical to the original.
Our high-performance measuring instruments enable us to measure parts and gears without existing data. Based on the information obtained, we will then issue a measurement report or create a CAD drawing.

Precise Digital meausurement

We are able to measure dimensions digitally with great precision not only on straight items but also on complex, curved or bowed surfaces. We can thus start determining all surfaces, including those which are inclined or bowed from any side of an existing workpiece. Even large or fixed elements do not pose a problem.

100% quality

Our advanced software enables us immediately to visualise the measured part as well as machine it with our CNC equipment. It also enables us to carry out quality checks. This is how we ensure that the final product matches the requested design 100%.

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Our production process in 5 steps

#05End product


Using thorough analysis, we determine the architecture and composition of the product to be reproduced.


We measure the sample product using the latest technologies such as 3D scanning. In this way we record the exact measurements digitally and can make improvements if necessary.


Once approved, we convert the 3D file into a CAD/CAM file. We send it to the appropriate machine tool in which we program the part to go into production.


Our extensive range of machinery enables us to carry out all machining processes in house.

#05End product

We guarantee the quality and accuracy level of the final product with our thorough final checks in the metrology room.

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Reverse engineering door Hamofa Metal Machining

Reverse engineering

Producing a new item that is completely identical to the original. More information